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    MS Office Training Guide (Hindi) Paperback Books- download MS Office Training Guide (Hindi) Books online at lowest price with Rating & Reviews, Free . CD files, go to, and look for the. Downloads tab. Introducing Word . Working in the Word Environment. Microsoft Office Professional Step by Step eBook Dear Reader. Thank you for choosing Mastering VBA for Microsoft Office This book is part.

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    Ms Office 2007 Ebook In Hindi

    The Changing Nature of the Microsoft Office System. In Microsoft® Office Word , find the style you like by letting Quick Styles show. Microsoft Office Project Book (Gujarati Edition) eBook: Computer World Research Book Includes MS Word,MS Excel,MS Power Point,MS Access,How To Make Advertisement,How To KRISHNA KUNJI(KRISHNA KEY HINDI) ( Hindi). Read Ms Excel book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified Ms Excel (Hindi) Paperback – 1 Jan by.

    Full explanations of Microsoft Word uses and features. In this article, I am writing about detailed features and uses of Microsoft word application. These features help you to learn the basics of MS Word , and versions. Microsoft word is used to create and edit professional-looking documents such as resume, books, admission forms, letters, paper, reports and booklets, cover pages, notes, assignments, brochures and even web pages. Features and uses of Microsoft word , 1. In which all the page layout, fonts, colors, graphics, outline, text boxes etc. MS word application contains so many templates such as business cards, educational layouts and graphics, event planner document and event management templates, flyers, invoices templates, invitations templates, many types of forms, resume templates etc.

    This is the closest MS Word comes to freestyle writing. Click and Type has existed since Word The feature works only in the Print Layout view or in Web Layout view. They can be vital for brainstorming and mind maps too. Here are eight Word templates for your ideation needs.

    Read More. Convert Tables to Graphs in 3-Steps Take your pick—a neatly formatted table with lots of data OR a nicely done chart visualizing that data for you? Being visual creatures, it is often a no-brainer to opt for the latter. Word makes it easy to convert tabular information into a chart. Select the table with the data and follow three steps… 1.

    Click on the Insert tab on the Ribbon. Click the Object tool within the Text group and open the Object dialog box. Click OK. Word displays the tabular data as a neat column chart. Modify the datasheet that appears. You can also format this graph with a different chart type. Double-click your chart. It's easy with the right technique. This introductory article explains how. Read More with the shapes feature. This article covers three ways to boost productivity with MS Excel.

    Use the Equation Toolbar to design your own advanced equations for mathematics, physics, or chemistry. Word gives you many well-known equations to insert with just a click. Hold 24 Items in the Clipboard The Office clipboard can hold 24 items and it inter-operable between all Office files.

    In the Home tab, click the little drop-down arrow next to Clipboard to reveal the panel on the left. This holding capacity enables you to cut and copy multiple elements and move them anywhere within the document or between open Office programs. It is on by default.

    Use the Translate feature from the Review tab. Translate a word or a sentence. Or, translate the entire document and display it in a separate Word document. The Translator tab appears on the right and you can choose and change languages. Use this sidebar to highlight each word and explore their meaning in full. Beautify Fonts with Kerning Kerning adjusts the space between two individual letters for a better visual look. When designing a document, each typeface requires its own specific kerning.

    Kerning becomes important when you are designing with large fonts on Word, e. Save effort by increasing the width between the letters instead of writing fluff! Click the little pop-out arrow on Font on the Home tab.

    Go to the Advanced tab. Select the checkbox for Kerning for fonts. Experiment by entering a small point size in the box. Inspect Your Document Today, an important MS Word feature is collaboration but you have to pay attention to security too.

    The Document Inspector in Word helps you check your document for any information you want to keep private.

    To use this you only need to select the piece of text then select the appropriate color style or decorative text. WordArt is also useful to insert decorative text in invitation cards, happy birthday greetings and other kinds of funny or less professional documents.

    Drop Cap is used in books, letters, notes and new stories or newsletter to display first letter larger at the beginning of the paragraph. Such as in government notification PDF files and legal notices signed with a stamp at the end of the page. This is similar to Microsoft Word that government notification letters can use a signature line or they can add a digital signature at the spot. Also, any word user can insert a signature line at the end of document or paragraph which specifies the individual who must sign or signed.

    Also, digital signature used in mostly Income tax return, company audit and company registration numbers and can be used in related legal documents.

    In Microsoft Word, there are so many dates and time formats such as Saturday, December 31, , or Dec are two different formats that can be used according to nature of the document.

    Such as you can insert paint program functionality by creating bitmap image in real time, excel spreadsheet, videos, and power point presentations etc. Symbols: — In this option, you can insert mathematical equations and can do plus, minus by using a table.

    Also, there is symbol option that is used to insert special character or symbol that is not commonly available on the keyboard. This option in Microsoft word mostly used in legal, marketing, and promotional documents. Features and uses of Page Layout Menu in Microsoft Word Page layout menu in Microsoft word gives various uses for the user to set themes, page setup, page background, paragraph and arrangement in the document.

    Page layout features in Microsoft word is very useful for eBook publisher and document printing business and also for common word users.

    Themes: — In Microsoft word, a theme is a set of pre-designed document designs fonts, headings, effects etc. By the use of theme option in Microsoft word, the user can change the overall design of the page such as fonts, effects, and colors etc. Page Setup: — Page setup is the most important option and the users start after creating a new document.

    I always recommend to all my students that before writing, creating, designing or doing anything in Microsoft you should first do the page setup. Why because all the page margins, page orientation and size etc. Margins option is used to set blank spaces from edges towards inside from outside. Margins are page edges that are outside main content of the document. The margin will help us to define paragraph starting point and ending point.

    By doing click on margin option there are various pre-defined margins such as narrow in which margins are 0. If the physical paper is the A4 size it mean its width is 8. Because the fewer margins on the edges will use less paper for your document.

    Orientation used is to set page layout from Vertical to Horizontal or Portrait to Horizontal. A simple way to understand the uses of orientation in Microsoft Word is that it will allow the users to switch the page layout according to text writing flow.

    Portrait mean layout style is from left to right and landscape mean right to left. Where mark sheet, admission forms are printed in portrait.

    The best way to switch to one option then see the document samples that you want to print or check if the page sizes or margins are not meeting with your designing criteria. So, if you find your document text is not getting proper arrangement on printed page then you can do the experiment to switch portrait layout to landscape in Page setup option in Microsoft Word.

    You can vary the page sizes according to the section. In Microsoft word there are Letter sizes for letter document, Tabloid, executive size and envelope sizes are available. But if you want to become an expert in Microsoft Word or want to be proficient in printing document then I will suggest you that print the same text in various page sizes on the A4 paper. It will give you practical knowledge about page setup settings and others things too. Columns option in Page Setup is used to split the text into two or more columns.

    Generally, this option is a classical text formatting style that is very beneficial in news printing, newsletter and nobles etc. For example, see the newspaper in which they adjusted text in small line width and paragraph and in the same time they converted the long paragraph into columns.

    So it will increase readership interest for particular news. Else you can see English and Hindi in which in one page is divided into columns. Breaks, line, numbers, hyphenation option are similar as we discussed in the Insert Menu options.

    Page Background: — The uses of page background in Microsoft word is to give extra effects or protection effects to the document such as the watermark, page color, page borders etc. Watermark is used to insert ghosted text behind the text in the middle of the document. This is a very beneficial option that indicates that document is confidential, urgent and need to be treated carefully. Watermarks are used in a text document, images, PDF files etc. You can see the example in Google images or stock image which is protected by website or company watermark that no one can reuse the images.

    Also, you find watermarks in legal documents, letterheads, and bank passbooks or in checks etc. There is pre-defined watermark in Microsoft Word such as Confidential, urgent etc.

    Page Color option is used in Microsoft word to set the color background of the page. Microsoft word document default color is white with black text color.

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    But it is used mostly in eBook or PDF files. Also, it depends on the document goal. You can also use fill effects option in which you can set gradient colors, textures, patterns and picture background to your page. Also, it is used to add text color background by using shading option that will come in printout too. Paragraph option in page layout is used to set left, right text indents. This is used to set paragraph beginning and ending points.

    Similar as I discussed above in Home Menu. This option is also in the home menu but the difference is that you can set left indent by using figures. For example, if want to give more space to a paragraph from left in the current cursor positions then type 1. This will move your paragraph towards the right.

    The use of this feature is to design the document style in which reader will find it interesting or information is easy to read. Also, there is the spacing option used for spaces between paragraphs. You can also use TAB key on the keyboard to use Indent or paragraph margin functionality in Microsoft Word to set indents and spacing. Arrange: — The uses of an arrange feature in Microsoft Word is to arrange document text professionally and efficiently.

    The most important option is Wrap Text. I saw many students learning computer find it difficult to arrange the image or text objects correctly. Wrap text is used to align inserted images, word Art correctly with text. For that, if you want to insert text around the inserted image then you can select a square option in Wrap Text.

    Also, you can set your image in Front of Text or Behind the Text. You can also drag and adjust the object over text to align it. You can find such text arrangement skills in Newspaper, magazine and books style layouts. There are other options too which can work similarly to arrange the document such as position, bring forward, send backward etc.

    But you can also use the option by doing a right click on the object. You can also use drag and drop style to arrange a different kind of objects in the document. The best way to learn Microsoft word is to use these options or click on these features after selected text and you will find the result practically that is learnable.

    In this I will define Footnotes feature: Footnote: — Footnote in Microsoft Word is used to add the special text or written text reference in the document at the end of the page. This is not the footer, this will come before the footer. But endnote is different and but the output is similar. Endnote will come at the end of the paragraph. Endnote is used after the paragraph but the footnote is used at the end of the document. The font size of the endnote and footnote is small than other written text.

    You can see footnote and EndNote examples in the dictionary bottom page, old English literate books and in English nobles and magazines. This option is very beneficial to send a newsletter, reports, notifications, updates etc. Also, mail merge is used by the printing press to print envelopes with the same subject line but with a different name on each printed page.

    Microsoft Word Review Menu Features and Uses Review functions and features uses are to examine, testing and for proofing of the written document in Microsoft Word. You can compare the two documents and also you can add a comment to certain lines or word. Proofing: — Uses of proofing feature is to check the spelling and grammatically mistakes in the document.

    You can also research any word and there meaning, word thesaurus etc. For example, you can check spelling mistakes, count the total written words, paragraphs in the document. If you want to check your spelling mistakes then you can press short key F7 then it will automatically highlight spacing mistakes with green color and spelling error with Red color.

    Comments: — Comments option output is similar to Tool Tip. If you want to add more expression or more thoughts behind any used word in the document you can use comment option. View Menu Features and Uses MS Word View menu uses are related to document views such as full screen, web layout, print layout, zoom, windows arrangement, and macros. Document view: — Document view menu features are used to view the documents in various styles. Also, the full-screen reading view is helpful to design and see the pages settings and visibility of text clearly.

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    Web layout is used to see the document as a web page. The uses are for students and designer to view the text in web layout. Also selecting web layout view and then saving the document as web page will save the file in HTML format and when you open the saved file, it will use the internet browser to view the document text instead of Microsoft Word.

    Outline: is used to see the document heading, body text in levels. You can use this menu to edit heading, body text, and document structure.

    Microsoft office hindi notes

    You can also add control for sub-headings. Mostly this option is used in tutorials, support pages, and application or software documentations. Draft: is used to edit the text quickly. Show feature is used to show grid lines to see the document text spacing, word spacing. Navigation is useful for eBook and you can see such option by default in Google docs.

    Navigation option is used to view the document by heading when you check mark on navigation pane it will highlight the heading in the left sidebar in Microsoft word after that you can navigate the document by heading instead of scrolling down. Ruler or Ruler Bar is most useful and very important for document margins.

    Convert documents and images to PDF

    Indents are important to align correctly by the use of ruler bar. You can see first line indent, hanging indent or left indent in ruler bar. You can also use rule bar to set left, center tab position by a click on ruler bar in Microsoft Word. This is beneficial to view the document correctly and align paragraphs spacing correctly. Window: — Window feature uses are to create the new document in New Window.

    Split feature is used to split the page with ruler bar in between the text. Not that much common to use. Arrange all will arrange multiple application windows in current view. Such as we can shrink the window size towards left and then we can arrange another application window in the right side. Switch window switch window is used to switch between two application windows.

    Macros use in Microsoft Word is to automate repeated task such as font size, color size or series of commands and instructions in a group. You can run macros that will automate the formatting of other text in the document. Format Menu Features and Uses MS Word Format menu is used to edit font size, color and to present object appearance with extra effects. Such as when you insert an image on the document format option will be a highlight on the Menu Bar.

    Which indicate the user that they can adjust color, brightness, border style and other image effects such as picture shadow, cropping, wrapping etc. This option is very important for Microsoft Word students, word operator to learn this practically as much as possible because it will be used in assignments, newsletter, notes etc.

    Format feature is also visible when you insert shapes or text box in the document. You can edit shapes outline, background color, text styles etc. After getting the basic knowledge of or Microsoft Word uses written in this article now it is really important that you can do as much as possible practical exercises.

    Such above discussed features of Microsoft Word are very important for every word processor users.

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